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Before Arriving

Here are some forms which you will need to complete prior to my guiding services. All information on forms kept on file is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone unless it is necessary for some reason such as medical care. These are in Adobe PDF Format. I will also be glad to send them via snail mail if necessary.

  • Participant Information Sheet - This needs to be filled out in advance so that I am aware of any medical issues, know who to contact in case of an emergency, and also what you hope to gain from using my services so that I can help you meet your objectives.

  • Liability Waiver - This needs to be signed in person, do not complete this in advance. However, please read it and if you are not willing to sign it "as is" then let me know so that we can cancel our arrangements. No changes to this form will be made.

  • Safety Policies - This is a general list of safety policies which apply to all of my guiding work. They will be discussed prior to doing anything, but please review them. There may be other specific safety policies or issues for particular activities and those will be covered in a safety talk which follows our discussion and review of these basic policies.


  • Evaluation/Feedback - If you have used my services at any time in the past your feedback is important to me. I used to have an online form for this purpose, but it was infrequently used, except by spammers. (Forms are a security hassle and periodically some spammer will figure out how to use one to send spam through my server. So the less I use them the better.) Feedback via telephone, letter and/or e-mail is most welcome.

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