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Guiding Feedback

Aside from this feedback references from previous classes and trips are available on request. A lot of my business is repeat - clients come back again. I also get a large percentage of my work through referrals - clients tell their friends what a great time they had.


  • I appreciate all the information you post, especially being open with your resume. Thanks you!! That makes choosing a guide much easier.

From guided climbing trips:

  • Again, thanks for everything. I cannot shower you with enough praise for being such an awesome guide. You're the best!

  • Thanks again for everything on our trip: your patience, encouragement, knowledge, wit and camaraderie are much appreciated. You are a terrific guide. We look forward to our next trip together.

  • Thanks again for the great trip up Mt. Hood, I had a blast and learned a lot. I was wondering what the interest was in the Mt. Jefferson climb. I'm definitely interested. [Note - this climb for OSU had included a descent in winter storm conditions in June.]

  • Thanks for the guiding you did for us this summer. Your patience and support when I got wiped out on the descent meant a lot.

  • Thanks for guiding my husband and making sure he came back safely. He has talked a great deal about this trip and I know it was a fantastic experience for him. I'm just glad he got the chance and was able to find a good guide like you to help him make his first summit.

  • Thank you so much for the great climb. You are an incredible person and guide. We really enjoyed the climb. R. says to thank you again for your patience and encouragement. We are fortunate to have found your guiding service....btw, The photos you took are really awesome!

  • Thanks for a Great Time!!!! Great pics, by the way!!! My Family loved them. Your knowledge & willingness to explain everything meant a lot to me . I'm interested next year if you put a trip together. Let me know. Thanks again for all that you did!

  • Thanks for the Mt. Washington climb. We had a great time.

  • Thanks for being a part of one of the best vacations I have ever had.

  • Thanks - What a blast that was. Who has pictures of us in the crevasse? I've got to have one of those!!!

From avalanche classes:

  • Thanks again for the terrific avalanche class you and Dale instructed. We both got a lot out of it. Because of what we learned I canceled a ski trip I was to lead just south of the White Pass ski resort on Dec. 28. Actually the trip was rescheduled to take place on the lower slopes, in glades, in the trees, and those scheduled to go didn’t like that option, thus the cancellation. I took a little heat for the change. Tragically Dec. 29th was the date of the fatal incident at Crystal Mt/Norse Pk., similar terrain not too far away.

  • "I took a class from you about five years ago on Avalanche Safety. It has served me well on backcountry trips. I enjoy getting your mailings and just wanted to let you know I'd like to keep getting them"

  • ... Also, just have to say I REALLY enjoyed the class, learned a tremendous amount from your lectures, and gained a lot of confidence from your constant quizzing and evaluation in the field. [From an advanced course.]

  • Just wanted to let you know that I got a lot of information out of the class over the weekend, specifically from an experiential stand point which beats anything you read in a book. I realized what I had gained as I gave a summary of my experience to some friends. ... It was also clear to me, you really enjoy being outdoors and sharing that experience with others -- you standing there in the blowing wind and snow with a smile on your face as your students huffed and puffed up the hill. ... Hope we get to do something again in the future.

  • We had a great Sawtooth trip ... Your class was very helpful in assessing avalanche potential, choosing our route, communicating, looking at the big picture. Felt confident with beacons. In turn, taught others in the group. Thanks!

  • ... just got back from a weekend at Tuckerman's Ravine and the Gulf of Slides, NH about 5 hours driving from here. We really liked your course and I think we are making better decisions about what we should ski.

  • Thanks again for presenting your avalanche seminar for the club climb leaders. I really learned a lot and greatly appreciated your teaching approach. I am interested in... [requests for additional training]...

  • "Check out Jim Frankenfield at www.mountain-guiding.com - he's a snow physicist. He definitely knows his stuff, and he'll also create a class and come to where you are at if you get a few people together." - Posted on the Powder Magazine discussion forum

From introductory classes:

  • You established my trust in you as a leader by demonstrating that you were willing to make some good practical decisions when required to, which made me feel safe to have you as a guide on a climb. Your list of items was well thought out. I appreciated the observation that people have different risk margins.

  • I have chosen your program for many reasons. The first is the class size. Of the fifteen programs I have looked at yours has the smallest classes..., that's awesome!

  • Just a quick note of thanks for a wonderful experience. My son and I truly appreciate your effort and depth of experience you conveyed during the weekend. We both took away more information than I had hoped for. My son especially thought that sharing your crampons so he might climb that ice face was very special. You are a credit to mountaineering both in spirit and in deed.

  • Thanks for the Class, I had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed myself. The class was well done and provided a safe environment for learning skills and techniques. Probably the most valuable information I came away with was an appreciation for how dangerous mountain climbing and glacier travel can be when things are done wrong; the importance of good sound decision making; and the importance of understanding my particular skill level when making climbing decisions. I certainly have a much better appreciation of these than I did before the class.

  • We all had a great time and are talking it up all over the office.

  • Thanks for your patience and teaching last weekend! I'm impressed with how much I feel like I learned and accomplished.

From the University of Oregon:

  • Just wanted to thank you for the ice climbing show. Folks seemed to be enjoying it. Certainly got the great turnout! Lets stay in touch for future possibilities. It would be great to tap into your avalanche knowledge some time... perhaps a presentation coupled with a field outing.

  • Thank you so much for the wonderful Avalanche Awareness Clinic presentaion. We have had a lot of positive feedback on your clinic. Everyone said it was very informative.

From a patrol director after a NSP Advance Avalanche Class I assisted a great deal with:

  • Thanks for being with us last weekend. Your presence greatly enhanced the class.

From Oregon State Students on contributions to their mail list:

  • I wanted to thank you for making the club think about safety measures repeatedly. It is very important that we all be responsible while we are out there. I think that gets a little underplayed in the excitement of the adventure. We have been lucky that we have had few accidents, and with this crowd, the only way to keep that up, is a constant reminder. Thank you very much.

  • I just want to let you know that I value your comments and wisdom in mountaineering. Keep passing on the good word. We always need to be reminded about safety and the use of common sense! (A member of the OSU Mountaineering Club)

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