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Instructional Programs

This section has summaries, general information, and detailed curriculum outlines for some of the instructional programs offered. I rarely offer scheduled courses - as with most of my guiding the bulk of what I do is privately arranged, or in some cases instruction may be available through certain organizations using my materials under special arrangements.

Information on particular courses -

Detailed Curriculum Objectives for select courses

Special Infrequently Offered Courses -

  • Mountain Adventure 101

  • Great Cairn Winter/Spring Skiing and Mountaineering week
    (Canada, helicopter access)

    These have usually been arranged with students at Oregon State University in mind and have been planned around their terms and breaks, although anyone can register. The price is typically very low for what is included in order to encourage participation. (In fact, my pricing is generally very much lower than that of the university Outdoor Recreation Center, even though they collect student fees.) Since participation of OSU students is generally low it is difficult to run these courses. For that reason they are generally a low priority overall, but I enjoy such programs tremendously and when there is enough interest to operate they receive no less attention than any of my other work and meet the same high standards. I can sometimes offer these for specific small groups in which all members are willing to make a commitment. When they are tentatively scheduled around students academic calendar they are still open to anyone.

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