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Mountain Adventure 101

An Introduction to Mountaineering on Snow and Glaciers, Mountaineering on Rock, and Backcountry Skiing - all in one program for one low cost!

Next Potentially Offered: Oct-Dec, 2007 in the Oregon Cascades

Also available in the fall, upon request: Ice Climbing, Self-Rescue Skills

This page has information on each of the included activities, followed by some information on the guide/instructor. After this, at the bottom, is logistical information. I routinely arrange privately guided climbs and classes, so if this isn't quite what you are looking for contact me and we can arrange to do some subset of this comprehensive class. To register for this class (which is strictly limited to a maximum of six students) contact me at jim@mountain-guiding.com or 877-604-0166.

The photos on this page are linked to full sized versions. Most of them are of beginners taking a first class or making one of their first climbs, although there are a few exceptions. All of the photos are from the Oregon Cascades and are representative of things we may do in this class.

Mountaineering (Snow and Glacier)

Crevasse Ice Climbing On the Summit Steep Alpine Climbing Descending Summiting in early winter

We will spend two days in the field, one working on basic skills and then one attempting a summit. An evening class before the field days will cover many basics, including equipment and some of the basic skills which do not require snow to teach. During the first day in the field we will cover additional skills and work inside actual crevasses on a glacier - ice climbing on the sides, hauling each other out with pulley systems, and doing other exciting exercises. On the second day we will attempt to climb to a summit which will involve some simple roped travel on snow and ice.

Mountaineering (Rock)

On Rappel A Belayed Traverse Alpine Rock Alpine Rock Mountaineering on Rock

We will spend one long day climbing to a summit which requires some technically simple rock climbing. While it is not difficult technically the climbing, in boots and not rock shoes, will involve very significant exposure and the descent will require rappelling. An evening session before the trip will cover equipment and some of the basic skills required.

Backcountry Skiing

Touring On a Glacier Removing Skins for Descent An Open Bowl Easy skiing

This part of the class will introduce you to skiing in the backcountry. An evening class will cover the equipment used - backcountry, telemark, randonee, and the differences between them. We will then spend a day traveling through the backcountry on skis. This will be in untracked and ungroomed terrain. We will avoid steep terrain since this is an introduction. The emphasis of this section is an introduction to the use of skis and auxiliary equipment (such as climbing skins) to travel in winter, it is not a course on downhill techniques (either parallel or telemark). Previous skiing experience is not assumed.

Rock Climbing Option

Rappel from a Hanging Belay Rock Climbing Rock Climbing Rock Climbing Rock Climbing

This segment is an option will can be included upon request. We will spend one day learning to rock climb. The climbing will be more technical than in the mountains, although still not extremely difficult. This will involve different equipment, skills and techniques than the alpine climbing. An evening class prior to the field day will cover the difference.

About the Guide and Instructor

Wind Rivers, Alpine Rock Selkirk Ski Touring Canadian Rockies Chamonix France Lewis Glacier

Jim Frankenfield has been climbing for twenty five years and professionally guiding for over 10. He has climbed and skied throughout North America and abroad. He is internationally recognized in the field of snow avalanches and through his business AlpenPro he offers technical consulting as well as sales and support of some of the latest avalanche mitigation products from Europe. His formal education is in Systems Engineering (B.Sc. RPI), Snow and Avalanche Physics (M.Sc. USU) and Mathematics (M.Sc. USU). His practical training includes the completion of world-recognized courses in such areas as mountain rescue and avalanche hazard mitigation.

Logistics - Cost, Equipment, Transportation, Etc

Cost - This course is targeted at students wanting an introduction to mountain recreation and is therefore being offered at the low cost of $300 to students currently enrolled in either a college or university program or in high school. For all others the cost is $450. Several of the activities planned are difficult to find offered elsewhere in the region, but to the extent that one could find equivalent programs separately the cost would almost certainly be at least twice the student rate. (Aside from having low overhead costs I simply enjoy working with students and often have the time to do so in the fall.) Feel free to compare, not only on the basis of cost but on the quality of the program.

Equipment - All group equipment, as well as climbing harnesses, will be provided. Some personal items will need to be provided by the student, all of which may be rented. While a detailed list will be reviewed for each component of the course the required gear will include a helmet (for everything but skiing for which it is optional), ice axe, crampons and boots (for snow/glacier travel), rock climbing shoes (for the rock climbing day) and ski equipment for the ski trip.

Transportation - Transportation is not included, carpooling will be arranged for each segment during the pre-trip session.

Registration - To reserve a place in the course you must pay a $75 deposit which is non-refundable. The balance will be due at the first course meeting. There is a strict limit of six and a minimum of four so don't delay.

Schedule - The first course meeting will be held in early or mid-October, at a time acceptable to everyone registered. The weekend components will be spread out between that time and the first week in December. Due to changing weather patterns in the Cascades during fall and early winter it is possible that some activities will need to be rescheduled. Therefore, students should be prepared to participate in field activities on any non-holiday weekend during this time period.

Start the Registration Process!

Send e-mail (Jim@mountain-guiding.com) or leave a message at 877-604-0166.

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