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Gift Certificates

Give somebody special a gift of adventure !

Gift certificates are available to the specification of the purchasing party for safety instruction, climbing or skiing trips, or other trips. This includes the trips I sometimes organize on an unguided basis.

You may specify a particular course or climb, instructional use but not climbing or skiing, or a dollar amount valid for anything the recipient chooses. For example, if you have a son or daughter skiing or boarding in the backcountry and want to see that they get formal avalanche safety training you can specify that!

How it Works (incl. Terms/Conditions):

  1. You purchase a gift certificate, specifying any limitations you wish. Or none at all, if you wish. You pay in advance for the certificate. It gets entered in the records as an outstanding certificate.

  2. A signed certificate is mailed either to you or directly to the recipient. It will specify who it is a gift from and what it is for.

  3. The recipient makes all arrangements for the class, climb, or other event directly. They redeem the certificate, at which point it is entered in the records as closed. Redemption can be for a deposit, a balance due, or full payment as appropriate.

  4. In general gift certificates are not redeemable for cash by the recipient or the purchasing party. However, if the date of an occasion for which it is purchased (i.e. a certain holiday, birthday, etc) is specified it can be refunded minus a 10% processing fee until 30 days after that occasion by the person who purchased it.

  5. In general the recipient cannot transfer the certificate to another party, nor can they use it outside of what it was specified for. However, I will contact the purchaser and allow them to decide on this if it is requested.

Sample Certificate: This is a simple pdf version. Actual certificates are printed on a 24/60# paper certificate with a seal and are signed.

Please contact me (jim@mountain-guiding.com, 877-604-0166) with any specific questions, or to purchase a certificate!

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