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After several years of effort I have moved all of the classroom type work for my avalanche classes online. It has been donated to the Avalanche Institute on Avalanche-Center.org. You can register there now. I still provide field sessions for the course through my business AlpenPro. Check those sites for field session dates. Both sites have listings but they may be out of synch at times as the schedule is updated throughout the winter. Feel free to contact me with any questions about field days or requests to schedule them. (The necessary online work must be completed in advance of any field days I offer, so please do not make requests unless you are serious about enrolling in the online parts.)

Avalanche classes and/or field sessions can still be privately arranged through me personally. I generally limit groups to eight students and expect a minimum of four - if you have a group of four to eight interested people let me know and we'll schedule it at a time and place convenient to your group. I have made some exceptions for student clubs in which I charged less per person and accepted a larger class.

I am not recommending traditional classes anymore since there is no possible way to cover as much as the online version and there is no savings in cost. Nevertheless it is still more convenient for some people to cram as much as they can into a weekend, especially if they lack the motivation to keep their self-study online progress going. Note that while I will continue to offer any documentation you need stating that you attended a class I cannot offer the true certification that the online course does. There is no way to cover all the material, let alone implement any quality control guaranteeing that it was all completed successfully.

I offer other types of classes and guided trips at other times of the year. Such as basic mountaineering, glacier travel and crevasse rescue, and desert trips. You can stay informed of these by joining my newsletter mailing list, and more background is available by starting from my Guiding Page.

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