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On this index page I have grouped the slides by subject/location and provided a brief summary to the right. You can click on any thumbnail image for a full sized page, which will have more of a description for each photo. The full sized pages also have navigation bars at the top and bottom if you want to go from one to the next in either direction. You can find more avalanche photos in the Gallery at Avalanche-Center.org, especially if you are a member.
rp1.jpg (33,171 bytes) rp-2.jpg (33,500 bytes) rp-3.jpg (85,792 bytes) Avalanche Terrain in Rogers Pass, where the Trans-Canada highway crosses the Selkirk Mountains. Defense structures can be seen in the center and right photos.
kootenay-pass-1.jpg (33,829 bytes) kootenay-pass-2.jpg (90,103 bytes) kootenay-pass-3.jpg (68,418 bytes) Avalanche Terrain in Kootenay Pass where Highway 3 crosses the Selkirks. A "Gaz-Ex" exploder for control can be seen in the right hand photo.
innsbruck-1.jpg (79,467 bytes) whitewater-paths.jpg (50,276 bytes)   Avalanche Terrain and Defenses above Innsbruck, Austria (left) and paths above the Whitewater road near Nelson BC. The photo from Innsbruck has defenses labelled in the full size version.
burp-test.jpg (28,956 bytes) compression-test.jpg (28,737 bytes) rutschblock.jpg (64,661 bytes) Snowpack tests - the "burp test" on the left, the "tap" or "compression" test in the center, and a Rutschblock on the right.
blackqueen-pit-1.jpg (32,465 bytes) blackqueen-pit-2.jpg (31,422 bytes) blackqueen-pit-3.jpg (22,681 bytes) A full snowpit profile above the Whitewater road in the West Kootenay region of Canada.
blackqueen-test-1.jpg (27,086 bytes) blackqueen-test-2.jpg (27,890 bytes) blackqueen-test-3.jpg (28,576 bytes) A compression test in the same snowpit as above.
or-snowpit-1.jpg (9,459 bytes) or-snowpit-2.jpg (23,036 bytes) or-snowpit-3.jpg (25,636 bytes) Snowpack analysis during a private class in Oregon.
nsister-xsection.jpg (41,361 bytes) nsister-rb.jpg (38,500 bytes)   Thin ice layers with soft snow between caused a weak layer which kept going "whumpf" under us in this spring snowpack in western Oregon. On the left the layers can be seen, the center shows how the weakness responded in a Rutschblock test.
probe-class.jpg (40,538 bytes) probeline.jpg (43,719 bytes)   Probeline practice during a class for transportation and industry interests. Unless somebody is in a car or structure this is generally a body recovery method and therefore is not emphasized in recreational classes.
glide.jpg (68,729 bytes)     This photo of snow movement down a chalet roof shows how a snowpack can glide on a smooth surface. The way it bends at the bottom shows its viscous behavior.

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