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Avalanche Bibliography - Technical

This bibliography is based on the references in my M.Sc. thesis in Physics, which was completed in 1990. The papers listed here are of a wide variety, from broad review papers to papers on specific topics within the field of snow avalanches. Some are papers which provide mathematical and/or scientific methods or framework which is useful but may be indirectly relevant.

One way to find more recent papers on similar topics is to search for publications which cite the works listed here.

Armstrong, Richard 1977
"Continuous Monitoring of Metamorphic Changes of Internal Snow Structure as a Tool in Avalanche Studies"
Journal of Glaciology (#81)

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Journal of Glaciology (#108)

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Colbeck, Samuel C. 1987
"History of Snow Cover Research"
Journal of Glaciology (Special Issue)

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"Material Property and Boundary Condition Effects on Stresses in Avalanche Snowpacks"
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Advances in N. Am. Avalanche Tech: 1972 Symposium

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"Evaluation and Comparison of Statistical and
Conventional Methods of Forecasting Avalanche Hazard"
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Grenoble, France

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Indian Natl. Scientific Doc. Centre, New Delhi #TT69-53051
(for USDA and NSF)

Thouvenin, Jacques 1965
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Proc. Fourth Symp. on Detonation, 10/65
Office of Naval Research ACR-126

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Ward, R.G.W. et. al. 1985
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Journal of Glaciology (#107)

Yen Y-C and Fan, S.S.T. 1966
"Pressure Wave Propagation in Snow with Nonuniform Permeability"
US Army CRREL Res. Rep. 210 (Aug)

Yen, Y-C 1966
"Heat Conduction in Moist Porous Media"
US Army CRREL Res. Rep. 212 (Dec)

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