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Basic (Level I) Avalanche Course


None. This course assumes no previous avalanche safety training. It is intended as a first step.

This is now taught online, with two distinct field days as part of the learning sequence. Offering the course online eliminates the time constraint issues which are pervasive in compressed weekend or three day formats. With the new approach every student can cover every topic satisfactorily. Full details including the objectives for each course module and a comprehensive FAQ collection are available on the Avalanche Institute website now.

The travel skills required for the field sessions may vary with location, so check with me on that if you feel that you are an especially weak skier or boarder. Snowshoes are often ok, but not always. In the past I have sometimes done a climbers version of this class, assuming the use of snowshoes and focusing on issues of special concern for climbing. There is now a climbers version online also. In fact, if this is taken in the spring the cost can be applied to the full Level 1, or if you have completed the full Level 1 course and have a current certification you may take the climbers version free. Check the Avalanche Institute for the latest details.

Content and Objectives:

See the details on the Avalanche Institute for this information now - there is a flowchart for the module sequence and prerequistes and on that flowchart you can click on any module for a small pop-up window with its objectives. On the right side is a list of the modules, each one linked to an entire page detailing everything about that module.

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