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I maintain a few e-mail lists. You can use this page to add or remove addresses. Click on the list link for the interface which will allow you to add or remove an address. Changes can be made by removing the old one and adding the new one.

Electronic lists are all announcement style, not discussion style. Only mail sent by myself goes to these lists. List information is kept private and is not shared, sold or otherwise distributed or made available.

E-mail Guiding Newsletter    [Archive]

Issued by e-mail periodically, about 6-8 times per year. Reports from recent activities, upcoming trips, accident comments, technique and safety tips, etc.

Winter Trips Interest List

Used to send information on winter organized trips to everyone who might be interested or might pass the info on to interested people. Used a few times through the fall and early winter as details come together. Once in a while a short-notice opportunity may be announced in spring. Very low traffic, very focussed mailings.

Summer Trips Interest List

Similar to winter-interest. This was separated since some skiers have no interest in summer climbing trips, and vice-versa. Used even less than winter-interest since summer trips are typically less complicated than winter hut/chalet trips.

Additional Lists

The only other lists I use are trip-specific. If you are on one you should know why, and you need to be on it!

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