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Winter and Summer Unguided Trips

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Since 1999 I have offered an organized but unguided trip in the late winter or spring for backcountry skiing and ski mountaineering, and another trip in the summer for mountaineering, usually with options for both technical and non-technical activities.

There are some webpages for these trips which are on my personal "Mountain Recreation" site, since they are not guided. Those pages describe the nature of these trips, offer some background information common to many or all trips, list any upcoming trips, and contain full reports and retained planning information from completed trips.

Guiding Options on Planned Trips

While the trips themselves are inherently arranged as unguided and the cost is calculated with no allowance for this service it can often be arranged in advance if desired. There are several reasons some people may wish to consider this:

  • To acquire some (additional) skills prior to the trip or during the first day or two at the hut or basecamp. One year I offered a specialized crevasse rescue class prior to the trip, and this or similar skills could be taught during the first day or two. This would allow those participating to partake in some activities throughout the rest of trip with more confidence.

  • To spend part of the trip attempting something which is a bit beyond a participants comfort level. For example, persons interested in hiking and scrambling and strong in that area in general may wish to pursue a hike which crosses some glaciated terrain. Or a climber may want to attempt something for which their rope handling skills are insufficient. (Routes which are technically not difficult but are very long and exposed are very common, and this puts a premium of efficiency and rope handling skills.)

Organizing or Obtaining Guiding for Your Own Group Trip

These trips have generally been in the Selkirk and Rocky Mountain ranges of Canada. The typical meeting place is the town of Golden, from which we drive out to a helicopter staging area.

If you have a group of your own of any size and need help planning the logistics I can offer that service. Whether you want a guided trip or whether you just want organizational assistance.

After organizing numerous trips I now have a good working knowledge of many huts and destinations, contacts for helicopter transport and for additional details about the nature of many areas in these ranges, and information on cooks and food planners who have experience working for trips such as these. I can also provide you in advance with the most appropriate VHF frequencies for emergency use and with help obtaining a rental radio if your group does not have one.

I can also help if you have arranged a trip and are looking for a guide. Depending on your needs, the destination, and my availability I may be able to give you a quote for my own services or I may be able to help you find a suitably qualified and personable local guide.

Please note that most popular winter destinations book approximately a year in advance and may require either a minimum or a fixed number of people. If your group is small I may be able to help you fill in some space a larger group has which is unfilled. But for skiing trips it is best to plan well in advance.

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