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Safety and Risk Management

While your safety is my foremost concern, it is not guaranteed. The activities which I guide have inherent risks.

Studies on risk management in the backcountry indicate that it is not only the mastery of technical skills but leadership qualities, such as judgment, decision making, and positive interpersonal dynamics, that strongly correlate to safe and enjoyable trips in the backcountry.

I have guided since 1995, and on an occasional basis for much longer, without a single mishap while guiding. So far.

While I would like to take credit for this safety record much of it belongs to my clients. They have taken their role seriously, have generally arrived prepared, and have shared the responsibility for their safety. [See my guiding philosophy.]

Of course, things can go wrong despite the best efforts possible. You are expected to share the risks inherent in the mountain or desert environment and will required to sign a waiver of liability. Also, each trip begins with a safety talk which you will be expected to listen closely to and take seriously.

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